15 Noteworthy Resources for Fantasy Authors – Deities and Religion

Many fantasy settings include deities of some sort, who may or may not directly assist/hinder/communicate with the characters. Authors may choose to use established gods and goddesses from mythology, create their own religion(s), or combine the two. Below are some resources they can use to more fully develop deities and religion in their books.

 An Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree

12 Greek Gods and Goddesses

An Olympians Family Tree

A Mostly Accurate Norse God Family Tree

Norse Gods and Goddesses

Frigg (Norse goddess, wife of Oden)

Fenir (Norse wolf)

Thor (Norse God)

Ancient Sea Gods Family Tree

An Almost Historical Egyptian God Family Tree

Hindu Deities

African Mythology (Infographic on Deities)

The Goddess Timeline

Religious Fundamentalism in Fantasy

How to Create Religions as a Christian Fantasy Author


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