Alpha Class: A Kurtherian Gambit Series (The Etheric Academy Book 2), TS Paul, Michael Anderle: Review

This book follows Alpha Class on their second round of studies, this time with Chief Engineer Joe Deteusch. While Deteusch has excellent skills for mining an asteroid belt, he lacks critical teaching abilities, especially when dealing with an intelligent and cohesive group of teens such as Alpha Class. Will even the addition of Guardian Commander Peter to the group be enough for success – and survival?

As with the first book in the series, I greatly enjoyed the characters and their relationships. The teens continued to grow and develop, and the book gave further insight into the adults and teens on other teams as well. Unlike the first book, there were more point of view changes and the language was a touch rougher, but these were still within tolerable amounts for a young adult book. One of my favorite word pictures was when Diane tells Jeo about Peter joining the group: “The Queen has assigned Guardian Commander Peter as your bodyguard this term. He is to stick to you like glue … He’s not guarding you and them. He’s guarding you from them.” I also enjoyed seeing how the characters get into – and out of – the wide variety of situations in the book. All in all, great fun!

An interesting item: In his author notes, Anderle mentions that there are now 34 books in the Kurtherian Gambit universe. 34! I am amazed how well the authors are developing their separate segments into independent series yet still remaining true to the concept and feel of the original books. And to think that before reading Death Becomes Her I wondered how Anderle could pull off a (mere) 21-book series! Plus, this many options gives me the chance stay immersed in this realm by reading one series while waiting for the next book in another. I love it.

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