Alpha Class: A Kurtherian Gambit Series, TS Paul, Michael Anderle: Review

This is the first book in a series chronicling the adventures of the first class in the Etheric Academy – a group of teens starting on their leadership track by learning about several areas of the Etheric Empire. But not all the instructors are quite ready for their new responsibilities. When the BMW team tries their hand at teaching Team Alpha, nothing goes as planned.

Designed to be a Young Adult addition to the Kurtherian Gambit universe, this book lacks the (humorously creative) swearing found in the original series. It also has a much more limited and focused cast of characters, as well as a more straightforward plot. With plenty of action, adventure and quick thinking by the students, it fits nicely into the Kurtherian Gambit universe. Paul and Anderle do a good job providing background information from the main books, especially since they assume the readers won’t have read them. And – finally! there is mention of safety procedures to be followed in space, a topic I felt was lacking in the first books.

I greatly enjoyed this book and eagerly await more in the series.

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