Baba Yaga Tales – Book Release

My latest collection of retold tales is now available: Baba Yaga Tales. As you might expect, each story in the book focuses on Baba Yaga or includes her as a significant character.

I fell in love with Baba Yaga the first time I read about her, when I was a child. The image of her hut on chicken legs and the idea of flying around in an iron mortar instead of a broom fascinated me – and still does! Plus, she isn’t necesssarily evil, but will help others in certain conditions. Definitely a unique type of witch, and one worth reading more about.

I greatly enjoyed gathering and modernizing these stories, each of which shows a different facet of the always wonderful, intriguing Baba Yaga. I hope you enjoy them as well.

One of the stories in this collection is also available for FREE from Instafreebie: Baba Yaga and Matryona through this link. Downloading the story will automatically sign you up for my new newsletter, so you can stay up-to-date with the blog activity and get personal information that doesn’t make it into the blog.

Affiliate link to the full book:

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