Blood is Thicker, Orlando Sanchez – Review

In this third case from the Montague & Strong Detective Agency, Simon and Monty must prevent a group of Blood Hunters from destroying all the vampires in the city (including Michiko Nakatomi, with whom Simon has a conflicted relationship) and upsetting the already uneasy truce between supernaturals and humanity.

As with earlier books in this series, Orlando delivers a delightful treat, full of action and snark. Simon’s sort-of pet, Peaches, plays a larger role in this book, which is great fun, especially when Simon responds orally to Peaches’ telepathic comments in inopportune moments. Monty reveals more of his power when faced with envoys from the Sanctuary. They want him to return; he refuses; fireworks commence. As more details about Monty’s past emerge, this part of the storyline keeps getting more intriguing. As usual, the detectives end up both destroying significant parts of the city and saving it. And as usual, I – along with other readers – want Sanchez to hurry up and write the next segment in the adventure. He is one of the few authors I regularly follow on Facebook, because I greatly enjoy his interactions with readers, despite the snippets he tortures us with.

You can find out more about Sanchez on his website, Facebook (a closed site) or on Twitter @MageMontague and @MontyandStrong. You can contact Sanchez through email.

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