Characters Rule! Know Your Characters

Books center around their characters. What the characters do is almost (I said almost) immaterial. Like most readers, I am more willing to read a mediocre book if the characters are likeable and interesting enough, and will simply stop reading if the characters are poorly-written or boring. (Although I did stop reading one book because the villain was simply too well-written. I was not willing to witness all the evil he was going to cause.)

This series of articles will give authors resources to help them create vivid, interesting characters. To start, authors need to know the people they are writing about, and in much more detail than they will ever tell the reader. This background information will help determine the characters’ actions, their reactions to people and events they encounter throughout the book and reveal clues to their futures beyond the closing chapter.

15 Questions Authors Should Ask Characters

100+ Questions to Help You Interview Your Character

The Ultimate Character Questionnaire Personality Adjectives

Character Traits/Trigger Chart

Character Motivation Sheet

What’s Your Character’s Love Style?

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