Daemons of London Books 1-2, Michaela Haze – Review

This series so far consists of The Bleeders and The Human Herders. (A third volume should be released this summer.) The books focus on Sophia and Henry, an incubus. At first, Sophia merely hires Henry to kill the men she believes are responsible for her sister’s murder. Their relationship slowly grows into love – with a few pitfalls, such as the fact that Henry kills anyone he touches and he is enslaved by another daemon.

The books are a little difficult to read, being fairly disjointed and jagged. This makes sense, however, since they are in first person and Sophia is mentally ill. The flashbacks and other times when she is not having an episode are more coherent. And Sophia repeatedly tells the reader that she is mentally ill, which becomes annoying after a while. Despite these issues, I found the books captivating. The minor characters could have used more attention, but Sophia and Henry are well-written, complex characters that develop and change throughout the books. I especially enjoyed the insights given into the hierarchy of demons and daemons. Their origins are a mystery, as is their abode, which makes them even more intriguing. Are they from (the common human conception of) hell, or simply another dimension? Hopefully the third volume will have more answers. Overall, while challenging, these books are enjoyable reads, set in a very interesting world, and I am looking forward to the third book.

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