Enhancing your Vocabulary: Descriptors

While writers should not over-describe a scene, readers need some sense of time, location, setting, and characters to fully understand the story. Below are some resources that authors can use to improve their vocabularies while describing people and things.

55 Words to Describe Someone’s Voice

200 Words that Describe Light

Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers

Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers (2)

Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language (3)

Colorful Words

Eye Colors (with pictures)

Feeling Words

Fighting Words

Hair Color Guide

Land Descriptive Words

List of Words to Describe an Author’s Tone

Master List of Color Names and Descriptions

Master List of Facial Expression Descriptions for Writers

Master List of Physical Descriptions

Master List of Words to Describe Voices

Obscure Color Words

Personality Adjectives

Persuasive Essay Connectors

Persuasive Words

Sensual Word Menu

Spooky Word List

Tone Vocabulary List

Touchy Feely Words

Words Commonly Used to Describe Sounds

Words That Describe Someone’s Voice

Words to Describe Eyes When Writing

Words to Describe Hair

Words to Describe Hair (2)

Words to Describe Voice – Positive Effect

Words you can use to describe different types of bodies


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