Firebolt (The Dragonian Series 1), Adrienne Woods – Review

Elena and her father move every 3 months, driven by her dad’s unexplained paranoia. During one escape attempt they are attacked by dragons, and Elena learns some truths about her heritage. Then she ends up inside Paegeia, at a school for dragons and those destined to ride them.

This book technically qualifies as a Young Adult novel, mainly because Elena and her friends are all roughly 16 years old. Elena suffers many “new kid at school” problems, both on Earth and Paegeia, but frequent experience has taught her how to cope with them. Young love – and rivals – abound, as well as various mysteries and defying of authority. However, except for the age of the main characters, Woods’ writing raises the story above the typical YA book. The characters each have their own quirks, and grow and develop throughout the tale; although Elena’s boyfriend, Lucian, changes the least. The action scenes engage the reader, as do the descriptions of Draconian culture and lifestyle.

I read this book through Instafreebie, but it and its sequels are available on Amazon. Irritatingly, they are not on Kindle Unlimited, since I was looking forward to reading more but can’t afford them right now. Oh, well. If the others are as good as the first volume, they are worth reading.

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