Frank Kurns Stories of the UnknownWorld, Michael Anderle and Natalie Grey – Review

This collection includes You Don’t Touch John’s Cousin (Frank Kurns Stories of the UnknownWorld 01; The Kurtherian Gambit Book 7.5) by Michael Anderle, Bitch’s Night Out (Frank Kurns Stories of the UnknownWorld 02; The Kurtherian Gambit Book 9.5) by Michael Anderle, and Bellatrix (Frank Kurns Stories of the UnknownWorld 02; The Kurtherian Gambit Book 13.5) by Natalie Grey and Michael Anderle.

In You Don’t Touch John’s Cousin, John Grimes (an enhanced human guarding Bethany Anne) finds out that his cousin Cheryl Lynn is being abused by her soon-to-be ex. John doesn’t approve of this situation and sets out to resolve it. Bethany Anne believes that any family of her kingdom members are also  part of the kingdom, so she helps.

In Bitch’s Night Out, John and the other Queen’s Bitches take off for a night of relieving aggression and finding relaxation. Of course, when your idea of relaxation includes guns and explosives, bad guys dying is just par for the course.

Bellatrix tells the story of Yelena – a young lady with a boyfriend she’d be better off without, and Bellatrix – a small black female German shepherd puppy. When Yelena tries to save her brother from a Wechselnalg, Bellatrix and Bethany Anne help. Eventually – to no one else’s surprise – Yelena and Bellatrix join Bethany Anne’s crew and Bellatrix becomes Ashur’s mate.

These short stories augment and expand the overall saga that is The Kurtherian Gambit universe. Note: If you have not read the other books, you will miss out on much of the fun and many inside jokes found here. I enjoy how these short snippets add information and details that enrich the main story without getting it off track. As usual, the characters and situations are enjoyable, and the plots are smooth. I strongly suggest reading them in order with the main series, to ensure that everything makes sense. As it is, people tend to pop in and out of the universe without explanation; reading the stories in their proper order will help with these characters, at least.

I love the Kurtherian universe and I love how Anderle has welcomed (recruited? snared? browbeat?) other authors’ contributions to his world. This is a vast realm, and each author adds a different flair that just makes it grander. More authors also mean more books, so I can stay immersed in one of my favorite universes longer. Yay!

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