Heirloom Quilts, Acefield Publications, Colchester, Essex: Review

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The majority of books sold on Amazon are romance, and that is a majority of what I read. But my first book review on this blog is a non-fiction “bookazine” published in England.  I recently renewed my love for quilting and this was the first volume I bought for my quilting library. New library collection plus new blog equals first book review!

I purchased the book based on the title. I have seen and admired some beautiful modern and “art” quilts, but my personal interest is in classic, traditional designs and this title caught my attention. However, it only partially met my expectations.

Pros: The book provides a nice variety of quilting projects for all skill levels. The instructions are clear and understandable. The sections with hints and tips are thorough and useful. While the ads and fabrics are largely similar or identical products can be found in the States. So far, so good.

Cons: The cover claims projects with “timeless designs you’ll treasure for years.” While the patterns are largely based on traditional blocks, the designs themselves are very distracting and do not appeal to me. Almost all the quilt samples are made of bold, bright prints which tend to overwhelm the pattern. If you can’t see the separate “logs” in a log cabin quilt, why use that pattern? Bright colors have their place in quilts, but the designs in this book would be more appealing and less disappointing with a better balance of scale and color in the fabric selections.

Heirloom Quilts is overall a good publication and worth a spot on your bookcase if you want a variety of quilt patterns and either like bold and bright designs or are willing to wade through the cluttered samples to the true underlying patterns.

This book can be purchased at fabric stores and through Amazon here.

More information about this book and it’s publisher can be found at www.sewmag.co.uk.

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