Kaitlyn Strong Books 1-3, Art DeForest: Review

This is a collection that includes I Love the Shadows, Stalking the Shadows, and Savage Shadows. They introduce Kaitlyn Strong, a vampire who was turned by force so she could survive torture while she was a teenager. In these books she, her partner and a group of friends investigate crimes committed by vampires, she joins a group of lycans in order to learn new skills and “become more dangerous,” and they try to prevent a war between feuding vampire clans.

Kaitlyn is a great character. She still struggles with her abuse and resulting nightmares, but her refusal to ever be a victim again and determination to help other victims has given her training and strengths she uses throughout the books. Plus, she has a very cool, huge Savannah cat who is both friend and familiar/spirit companion. I liked how each character has a well-thought-out history and individual interests. The books are short, but their plots flow together nicely, and the fighting scenes are very well written. Possible romances are hinted at; something to look forward to in future books. With the exception of a few typos scattered throughout, I enjoyed the books, and am looking forward to reading more in the series.

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