Nightstalker Incorporated: The Nightstalker Book 1, Art DeForest: Review

DeForest does a good job presenting characters with traumas and similar baggage. In this case, Dale was introduced to the monsters hidden in the world when faced with a zombie while in the Middle East, followed by his wife and daughter being eaten by … something. Now he and his team fight these monsters for Nightstalker Incorporated.

This was a very enjoyable book, full of low-key humor and good relationships between the characters. I especially like the images created by comments such as these: “Imagine if a computer lab and the local National Guard Depot got married. Their child would be Smoke’s workshop. It was clean and organized, but it was just weird seeing computers and electronic components sharing space with various guns and other instruments of destruction.” According to Amazon, this book has a good ranking in the horror genre. It does include monsters and monster-fighting – which to me puts it in the dark fantasy arena – but I didn’t see anything overly horrific in it. I will be glad when the next volume in the series comes out.

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