Noteworthy Resources for Fantasy Authors – Mythological Creatures

Fantasy authors love to include mythological creatures in their books, and they have a wide range of options to choose from. The links below can provide ideas, details and background information to make these being realistic and believable.

Myths and Monsters in General

Supernatural Collective Nouns

Mythological Creatures are Cooler When They’re Anatomically Correct

Mythological Creatures for Fantasy Writers

A Writer’s List of Mythical Creatures and Beings!

9 Epic, Underused Mythical Animals for Your Fantasy Novel

An Anthology of Mythological Creatures

Mythological Creatures (Infographic)

The List of Mythical Creatures

Mythological Creatures

Our Griffons are Different

Sirens, centaurs, winged – poses [sketches]

Hippogriff Breed Sheet

The Gorgons

The Mythological Creatures from Nature

Creatures from Around the World

Rare Mythical Monsters from Around the World

Frightening Irish Demons and Monsters from Celtic Myth

Scottish Myths and Legends

A Spooky Guide to Legendary Creatures from Around the World

Monsters in America, A Cryptozoological Map Featuring Legendary Creatures from Across the US

Here’s a Rich Treasure Trove of Philippines Legends and Myths

Slav Mythology (a small part of it)

Slavic Mythology Part 2

Scandinavian Folklore and How to Survive It

Just Dragons

Differences Between Dragons

Outlines of Dragons and Such

Adult Dragon Size Comparison Chart

Tutorial on Dragon Details

Angels, Demons and Winged People

Hierarchy of Angels and Demons

Hierarchy of Angels

Dante’s Inferno Map

Anatomy of an Angel

Winged People Anatomy




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