Red Havoc Guardian (Red Havoc Panthers Book 4), TS Joyce – Review

Greyson is a panther and the lowest member of the Red Havoc Crew, by choice. Seeing the other crew members find their mates has made him lonely, so he sends his profile into a shifter matchmaking service. Genevieve is not a panther, but Grey is one of the matches she gets from the same matchmaking service. She is also deaf and on the run from a previous family group she joined. Will these two overcome their differences in time to find true love and prevent a war?

Once again, Joyce has created an enjoyable crew of mis-matched, unlikely shifters trying to get along without killing each other. While the other books in this series have been good, this one is the best so far. In fact, it made cry, which none of the others have done. The way this crew helps each other out is simply fantastic (when they’re not fighting). Both Grey and Genevieve are fascinating people that are a joy to read about and root for. They each have hidden depths that play out well in the book. I especially like the fact that Joyce isn’t afraid to give her shifters physical disabilities, beyond the challenges they face simply for being shifters. And her shifters with disabilities face these additional difficulties full on, making the best of their situations. I cannot wait to see what else Joyce has in store for these characters.

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