Rogue River Novellas, Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh – Review

This series includes On Her Father’s Grave, Gone to Her Grave, Her Grave Secrets and Walking on Her Grave. They are each Kindle Singles but together make up a single story.

Stevie Taylor returns to her small hometown of Solitude, Oregon, after her father dies. She is trying to recover from her traumatic experiences as a police officer in LA, and believes that being an officer on the force her father once headed will be less stressful. Unfortunately, her hopes are derailed when murder and drugs threaten to divide the once-peaceful little town. Joining Stevie as she investigates the various deaths in town are new police chief Zane Duncan, Stevie’s best friend and social worker Carly Taylor, and Carly’s ex, Investigator Seth Harding. On Her Father’s Grave and Her Grave Secrets were written by Elliot and focus mainly on Stevie and Zane. Gone to Her Grave and Walking on Her Grave were written by Leigh and focus mainly on Carly and Seth.

Each of these books were well-written and well-plotted. While separate and distinct, the authors did a good job maintaining consistency and style among the books, and seemed to enjoy the project. As Elliot states in her acknowledgement, “We discovered that the only thing better than having writing buddies is having one to help you plot murder. On paper, of course.” I especially liked the “small town rules” scattered throughout each book, such as “Small Town Rule #1: Share secrets only when you want the entire town to know.” These added a light touch to the grim elements and helped the town seem more realistic. (Having grown up in a small town, the rules were spot on.) The characters were well-developed as well, especially Stevie’s mom Patsy. Overall, a nice set of books.

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