Season of the Witch: A Shades Below Novel, L.J.K. Oliva: Review

Darius is a private investigator and reluctant medium who doesn’t do witches. Georgia is the lone survivor of a massacre who comes to Darius for help finding the monster hunting her … and a witch. Can they become a functional team in time to defeat the creature and stay alive?

Oliva has once again created a book with interesting characters and plot. Each character has a back story which she reveals appropriately throughout the book. There are a few fight and sex scenes, and those are also appropriate to the plot. My only gripe is that Oliva calls anyone related to the paranormal a “subversive.” To me, that term carries connotations of rebels or the undermining of a legitimate government. While witches, mediums, werewolves, etc. can certainly be considered rebels – they are outside the mainstream population – in these books they are focused on staying hidden from mundanes, not taking them over. Perhaps the term will become more natural as I read more of this series.

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