Spot and Smudge series, Robert Udulutch – Review

This trilogy includes Spot and Smudge, The Glasgow Gray and Let Slip the Pups of War. As with most multi-book sets, they should be read together and in order to appreciate the story.

After her father’s death, Aila Hogan, her husband Dan and children Kelsy and Ben move from Boston to the South Shore of Massachusetts to be near Aila’s mother, Mimi Walker. They find two newborn puppies on Mimi’s ranch and nurse them back to health. This kind act places them in direct line of fire from both local and international crime families. The criminals think the Hogan/Walker family members are pushovers. However, this family has unexpected skills and resources, including two unique puppies. When attacked, the family bites back. Sometimes literally.

I found these books fun and entertaining. And am extremely glad they are fiction! Udulutch describes the characters, their growth, and their relationships to each other and the pups very well. In fact, I found some chapters in the first book difficult to read because he depicted the “bad guys” so disgustingly clearly. He adds flavor to the books by sprinkling numerous Scottish and African terms throughout. Luckily, these can usually be translated by context. I found both the action scenes and the final conclusion highly satisfying, if slightly terrifying. Again, I am SO glad these pups are fiction. If real, they – or one of their friends – would rule the world.

You can find out more about Robert Udulutch and the dogs that inspired the books on his website.

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