Stone Cold Magic, Jayne Faith: Review

Ella Grey is a demon patrol officer who died while working, then mysteriously revived 18 minutes later. Unfortunately, she came back carrying the soul of a reaper, which will eventually devour her soul and take complete control of her body.

Faith has created an interesting world, in which a rift has opened between Earth and another dimension, home to demons and viruses that morph humans into vampires and zombies. In the 30-odd years since the rift first opened, humans have learned to deal with these and other supernatural entries, as well as accept the use of magic by witches and mages. In fact, children are tested for their magic potential, and their scores determine which jobs they qualify for.

I enjoyed this book, mostly because the world Faith has created is so interesting. Despite its obvious fantasy elements, the world feels quite realistic and reasonable, with well-written characters. As she copes with the changes her death have brought on, several of Ella’s personal characteristics develop and adjust as the book progresses, which is also fun to see. It takes her a while to actually deal with the reaper itself, but this seems natural because of the events and activities taking place. Overall, the plot is smooth and satisfying. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

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