Sweet Tomorrows: A Rose Harbor Novel, Debbie Macomber: Review

This is book 5, and final volume of the Rose Harbor series. Jo Marie has been a widow for 4 years now, and finally feels that she is moving on with her life. Her bed and breakfast – Rose Harbor Inn – has become a successful and fulfilling venture, and she has made many friends among the residents and visitors to Cedar Cove. However, the new love in her life, Mark, has left Cedar Cove to complete a mission, and in the last year she has heard from him only once. Can the inn work its magic once again, this time for Jo Marie and Mark?

I have been reading indie authors lately, but I have loved this series and when the final book came out I returned to the traditional publishing fold for a short time. It was well worth it. As usual, Macomber has written a heartwarming story with wonderful characters that I want to keep reading about. And Macomber uses her point of view and time changes excellently, expertly increasing the suspense throughout the book. Despite the omniscient narrator, the reader knows only a little more about Mark’s situation than the characters do, and each time Jo Marie wonders about Mark I found myself wanting to know what was happening right alongside her. The one flaw in this book is that the final wrap-up between Jo Marie’s male friends was not quite as satisfying as I would have liked, and seemed a bit abrupt. Otherwise, this book is a fine conclusion to a very nice series. I am definitely looking forward to the next series from Macomber.

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