Tales from the Forest: Book Release

I am proud to introduce my new series of re-told folk tales: Tales from the Forest. The first stories in the series are ones I tell as Doriana the Dragon Lady at Sherwood Forest Faire; I will be adding others as time goes on. I have enjoyed fairy and folk tales since I was a child and discovered Andrew Lang’s collection of fairy tales at the library. I find it greatly satisfying to share them through storytelling, and now ebooks.

Currently available in the series:

The Hedgehog Prince – a Slavic tale about a fairy’s curse, a hedgehog and true love.

Fair, Brown and Trembling – a Celtic Cinderella tale involving a beautiful woman, gorgeous horses and a golden slipper.

Baba Yaga and the Kind-Hearted Girl – a Russian tale featuring a young girl, evil witch, helpful animals, and magical items in the forest.

Each book is short and inexpensive, only $0.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited.

And don’t forget The Improper Rescue. While not a part of this series, I have adapted and told it at Sherwood Forest Faire as well.

Take home a touch of the forest today!


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