The Aegis of Merlin series, James E. Wisher – Review

This series includes The Impossible Wizard, The Awakening, and The Chimera Jar. The Raven’s Shadow is due out in August.

Like the review last week, this series of books is set in a school of magic. However, the series have extremely different takes on the theme. Wisher has created a world where magic is fully incorporated into society, but can only be done by women. Until Conryu takes the obligatory test for magical ability … and passes. By law, all potential wizards must attend the Arcane Academy, which throws Conryu’s future plans into a tailspin and makes him a target for assassination attempts. Conryu faces both personal and magical challenges with strength and determination, even while gritting his teeth at fate’s injustice. Then he discovers that not only his life but the existence of the whole world is in jeopardy, and he must unite with a broad range of friends and family to battle the evil imperiling them all.

One of the greatest joys of reading is finding series that – on the surface – resemble each other, but are completely different in actuality. As with The Secret of Spellshadow Manor series, it is easy to say that this series resembles Harry Potter. They each involve schools of magic and each have characters struggling to find their rightful positions in a magical society. Yet the characters in these series live in completely different worlds and societies, are entirely unique, and face wildly diverse challenges. The series have some similarities, but their differences are much greater, making each one worth reading.

I greatly enjoyed The Aegis of Merlin books, and wish the concluding volume were already out.

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