The Dark Messiah (The Second Dark Ages Book 1), Michael Anderle – Review

Michael returns to a post-apocalyptic Earth after 150 years in the Etheric, recovering from being hit by a nuclear blast. He finds that “might makes right” is the ruling concept. However, Michael believes in “might with honor” and sets out to change the current attitude. Violently, if necessary.

This is a very nice addition to The Kurtherian Gambit universe. It takes Michael a while to learn about the changes that occurred while he was recovering, but the action begins before he understands everything. And, as usual with Anderle’s books, both the action scenes and character relationships are highly entertaining. I found it interesting how well all Bethany Anne and her team had prepared for his return, but did wonder a bit at how well everything had lasted. Michael seemed put out that some of the lights in his house weren’t working. I’m thinking, “It’s been 150 years, dude! Not sure how anything is still working!” Granted, the old technology in his house is better than that available in the current world, but I still think he was expecting a bit much.

Note: As with other Kurtherian Gambit Books, this is not a stand-alone volume. Now if Anderle will just finish the rest of the series!

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