The Devil’s Advocate, Michaela Haze – Review

Dahlia Clark is a broker for Lucifer, buying souls in return for various favors. Once Luc’s favorite, she has been banished from Hell to Earth for over 200 years. Samuel Rose – an Incubus, or sex daemon – catches her attention and she opts for a one-night-stand with him. Unfortunately, this choice annoys Luc, who takes steps to keep Dahlia for himself.

I greatly enjoyed this book. Haze has created an entire culture of hellions, from Purebloods (those actually born in Hell) to daemons (humans who have been transformed into demons in some way) and other creatures such as hellhounds. I especially liked viewing this culture through the eyes of a Pureblood, an insider with strong powers and abilities. This allows Haze to depict Lucifer in a more positive light than he is usually shown. Yes, he thrives on evil, can be harsh and cruel, and rules Hell with an iron grasp. However, he can also laugh, show affection, and have loyalty to others. Dahlia’s relationship with him is conflicted, but intriguing. Overall, a fascinating journey in a very interesting universe. A sequel is scheduled for the end of the year. I wish it were coming out sooner!

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