The Infinite Now, Mindy Tarquini – Review

In 1918 Philadelphia, orphaned Fiona Vicente struggles to understand life and it’s difficulties. When those difficulties become too much to handle, she places her neighborhood in a stagnant bubble of time. Eventually she must gather the courage and collapse the bubble, or trap her dreams in an infinite now.

Tarquini has populated her book with interesting and well-written characters. Fiona is a proud, determined young lady, who resents the suspicions cast her way for being the daughter of a fortune teller. However, through the book her hardworking and generous nature grows, as does her ability to cope with pressures and difficulties – after significant trials. The other residents of her apartment building, especially, help Fiona learn aboutg herself and the world, and keep the story moving.

The pace of the book is a little slower than I usually prefer, but fits the storyline well. I enjoyed watching Fiona experience both troubles and happiness, struggles and celebrations. Overall, this book is a very nice read.

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