The Kurtherian Gambit Part 2; Michael Anderle – Review

We Will Build (The Kurtherian Gambit Book 8) starts the next story arc in the Kurtherian Gambit series. Bethany Anne and her cohorts have successfully subdued the various factions of vampires and werewolves throughout the world and begin preparing their next line of defense for the anticipated alien attack: a base on the moon.

In It’s Hell to Choose, our friends find themselves under attack from governments, corporate cabals and miscellaneous criminals, all of which want control over TQB Enterprise technology. Bethany Anne continues to build her personnel base on earth and in space. But when the attacks literally hit too close to home, she decides to Release the Dogs of War. Among the battles, a new clan of weres shows up, and it is unclear if they are friend or foe.

In Sued for Peace, the Chinese discover why it’s a BAD idea to attack Bethany Anne or anyone under her care. The alien Yollin learn that lesson as well in We Have Contact. Still more conflicts – mostly from humans – occur in My Ride’s a Bitch, until Bethany Anne finally has enough and retaliates a final time in Don’t Cross This Line.

The action, interesting characters, relationships and dialog from the previous books continue in these volumes. Engineering and computer tech receive more attention, as does alien technology, but this doesn’t overwhelm the story or the people pulling everything together. Most of the typos and font changes from earlier books have thankfully been cleared up. After this many volumes, a character list would be of great help – people show up, sometimes without explanation, and it is hard to remember if they were in earlier books or not. The only complaint I have is that life in space has become too blasé, too routine, too quickly. Even the characters have commented on this! Regardless, I am still enjoying the series, and can’t wait to continue the adventure.

Note: As stated before, these are NOT stand-alone books, just convenient, novel-size chunks of a large story. People come and go and the dialog frequently refers to past events. To fully appreciate the story, you need to start with Death Becomes Her and proceed from there.

Note 2: At the end of We Will Build, Anderle gives several other indie authors the chance to introduce themselves and their work to his readers. Great info, and even more books to explore! He also includes excerpts, review notes and small blog notes throughout the collection, which are wonderful insights into his life as a writer.

Note 3: Anderle and other writers have begun writing short stories and novels set in this universe. These are offshoots and sequels, some of which introduce or explore characters that show up in the main series. They are well worth reading; keep an eye out for their reviews in the future!

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