The Secret of Spellshadow Manor series, Bella Forrest – Review

This series includes The Secret of Spellshadow Manor, The Breaker, and The Chain. The Keep comes out the end of July.

Alex sees a shadowy man leading his friend Natalie to a bizarre manor, and follows them inside. There he becomes part of a hidden school of magic … except that he has no magic. Can he, Natalie, and their roommates uncover the mysteries of the school before his own secret is discovered?

Ads compare this series to Harry Potter, which is both useful and distracting. Similarities: school of magic; ever-changing building; odd inhabitants. Differences: the students do not want to be there; the instructors do not want to be there; no magical society outside of the school seems to exist. As Alex and his friends study magic and explore the school, they discover secrets upon secrets, and the unbelievable horrors that founded and form the basis of “education” at the manor. These young adults must grow up quickly – both in maturity and magical skills – if they want to survive. This series is darker than Harry Potter, with fewer characters and a simpler plot, yet similarly captivating. Alex tends to take personal responsibility for every event, which becomes a bit tiring after a while. Other than that, I greatly enjoyed the books and am looking forward to the conclusion.

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