The Writing Process: Getting Published

It’s finished!! Well, kind of. Now you need to get your precious manuscript out to the masses. Whether you choose traditional or indie publishing, the resources below can help you get published, and hopefully make some sales.

The 4 Platform Elements That Most Impress a Literary Agent or Editor

6 Ways Writers Ruin Their Chances of Getting Published

10 Awful Freelance Writing Pitches That Editors Reject Every Time

How do I Promote My Novel without the Hard Sell?

How to Get Published Chart

How to Write a Blurb for Your Book or Novel; Writing a Synopsis for Your Query Letter or Cover Letter

Outline for a Killer Book Blurb

Pitching Perfect: How to Pitch Your Writing to Publications

Process of E-Book Publishing

Unable to Get a Publisher for Your Book? Try This!/How to Self-Publish a Book

When is the right time to build a platform?

Where to Submit Short Stories: 23 Magazines and Websites That Want Your Work

Why You Should be Publishing Ebooks

How to Launch a Bestseller

Beginning Writers: Navigating the rough waters of publishing in the new era

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