The Writing Process: Getting Started, Part 2

Now you’ve started writing, it’s time to polish your work. Below are some resources to improve your writing, right from the start.

3 Ways to Handle Time in a Novel

10 Novel-Writing Tips

10 Writing Mistakes that Kill Your First Chapter

30 Days to Think Like a Writer

First/Second/Third Act Timelines [novels, not plays]

How a Scene List Can Change Your Novel-Writing Life

How to Identify and Obliterate Sexism in Your Novel

How to Improve Your Writing Skills: The Last 10,000 Words

How to Overcome Writers Burnout

How to Overcome Writing Doubts and Rock Your Novel Style

How to write backstory but not bog down your book

Using Brackets to Write Faster

How to Write Your Character’s Thoughts

Why You Should Consider Writing With an Omniscient Narrator

Writing Tip: Don’t be Afraid of Mixing Dialog and Action

Write Faster: Great Self-Publishing Apps for Novelists

Why Representation and Diversity Matter in Stories




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