Thieves and Wizards, Jaxon Reed: Review

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To start, I should explain that I read Tolkien in high school and college – a looong time ago. Yes, I know The Silmarillion (here) is fiction, but I still think that humans screwed up the world after chasing away the elves. I don’t read a lot of epic fantasy because Tolkien spoiled me. I expect the book to both maintain my interest and engage my emotions.

Set in a world where everyone has magic to some extent or other, Thieves and Wizards (The Forlorn Dagger Book 1) tells about a thief who “finds” an artifact that nullifies magic and subsequently becomes caught in a war between wizards, the most powerful magic-users in the world. With delightful characters, interesting story-line and a climaxing battle that made me cry, Thieves and Wizards meets all my criteria for a good epic fantasy book. I highly recommend it to anyone who reads – or would like to start reading – epic fantasy.

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