Tombyards and Butterflies: A Montague and Strong Detective Novel (Montague & Strong Case Files, Volume 1), Orlando A. Sanchez: Review

Simon Strong is human, immortal, and likes to shoot things. His partner Tristan Montague is also human, a mage, and handles magical offense and defense. Together they run a detective agency, which is currently hired to locate the missing ferryman Charon, protect a shunned vampire, and prevent a Supernatural War. No pressure!

This is a delightful romp through a world inhabited by a wide range of paranormal creatures, from vampires and werebears to hell hounds, gods and manifestations of Karma. Not just one pantheon, either – gods and warriors from various factions mix and mingle as desired, because, as Hades states, “we don’t conform to any rules imposed on us by humans, supernatural or otherwise.” All the characters and the plot are well-written, with plenty of action and a lot of humor. Strong and Montague are presented quite well “in the middle of the story;” their backstory is referred to often, leaving me wanting to know exactly what Strong did to be cursed with his immortality. Based on his behavior in this book, it must have been a doozy! Montague is also intriguing, with many questions about his past left unanswered, plus what he did to garner such loyalty from Strong. So, until Sanchez writes a prequel or two, I will have to be content with reading more of this series, which I am greatly looking forward to!

You can find out more about these books at Sanchez’s website, the Montague & Strong Case Files on Facebook, or on two places on Twitter: Mage Montague and Monty and Strong. You can contact Sanchez through email.

You can purchase Tombyards & Butterflies-A Montague and Strong Detective Novel: A Montague and Strong Detective Novel (Montague & Strong Case Files) (Volume 1) at Amazon:


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