Wolves of Winter’s Edge Series (Gentry, Roman, Asher), T.S. Joyce: Review

Gentry, Roman and Asher are rogue wolves of mixed heritage and a history of brotherly hate. Their father favored Gentry as the future alpha of the pack and expelled Roman and Asher when their affairs with humans became too obvious. When their father dies, the brothers unite temporarily to scatter his ashes and rebuild the bar he owned. The brothers find both danger and love in their old hometown. Will it be enough to resolve their differences and put old ghosts to rest?

T.S. Joyce is one of the first indie authors I came across when I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited. I love her work, and have been satisfied by almost every book she’s written. This series is very well done, with great characters and solid plot. While each book can be read as a stand-alone, reading all three gives the complete story of the boys’ family and individual characteristics. As usual, the female characters go toe-to-toe with their mates and hold their own, despite various initial disadvantages. Fights are common among Joyce’s characters, but I liked how these books showed the difference between fighting for dominance or letting off steam versus unnecessary fighting or killing for sport. They also depicted the different ranks within a pack very well. Once again, Joyce has created an excellent series that I greatly enjoyed reading.

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