Writing Tips: Write Better Villains

All good stories have conflict. One form of conflict is person-to-person, where the protagonist of the story suffers from and must defeat another person – the villain. However, unless authors are themselves evil, murderous people, they may find it difficult to craft a believable antagonist, one that readers will love to hate. The links below can help them develop skills and write a good bad guy.

50 Ways to Say ‘Villain’!

The 6 Most Sinister Villain Personalities – Crafting Villains #4

How to Create a Powerful Antagonist: The Epic Villain Breakdown

10 Signs Your Villain Might be Cheesy 

The Guide to Writing Epic, Evil Villains – free ebook upon subscribing to Ink and Quills blog

5 Ways to Hide Your Villain in Plain Sight

The 1-2-3 Formula: How to Write the Perfect Villain 

Maybe Your Bad Guy is Right!

The Case For Blurring the Lines Between Good and Evil

Villainy 101: Villains Are People Too

The Difference Between Villains and Antagonists

Five Dualities That Can Replace Good and Evil

10 Traits of a Strong Antagonist (Or: What to do if Your Antagonist Isn’t a Villain)

10 Traits of an Epic Villain

39 Villain Motivations

How to Plot a Book: Start with the Antagonist

6 Tips for Writing an Imposing and Complex Villain

How to Write a Villain that Readers will Love to Hate

Warning: These 5 Points Will Help You Create Awesome Female Villains 

Anti-villain motivations besides “tragic past”

How to Create a Remarkable Villain (Beyond the Clichés!)

Types of Serial Killer Motivations

Your Bad Guy Checklist/100 Characteristics of the “Bad Guy” Antagonist

Ten Tips for a Terrific Antagonist

Writing 101: Creating a Successful Hero and Villain

Writing Worksheet Wednesday: Villains

Writing Worksheet Wednesday: Love Your Antagonist

How to Properly Motivate Your Bad Guy



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