The Reluctant Elf: A chick lit/romantic comedy novella (Kindle Single), Michele Gorman – Review

Lottie is a single mother and gaming programmer. When her Aunt Kate ends up in the hospital, Lottie agrees to run Kate’s bed-and-breakfast over the Christmas holidays. The B&B must receive a good rating to ensure Kate gets a needed loan, and the reviewer can only come at that time. Unfortunately, Kate’s description of the bed-and-breakfast skipped a few details and Lottie is not the best housekeeper under the best of circumstances. Lottie enlists the help of local taxi driver/handyman Danny to repair the derelict house and concoct a Christmas holiday the critic won’t forget.

This is a cute, fun read, exactly as described in the subtitle. Lottie is an engaging person who faces her multiplying problems with a few tears and a lot of determination. The other characters are also well-written. Being set in Wales adds additional flavor to the story for me. (What is a Welsh cake, anyway?) The plot flows very smoothly and logically, and the conclusion is satisfactory. Overall, this is a nice novella and I plan on reading more by this author.

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